I admire your work and want to bring larger attention to it." - Kevin Stein, Poet Laureate of Illinois

"Your second life gallery is one of the most unique presentations of art I've seen in a while."
-Robert Berry, Curator Ico Gallery, New York City

Wow! The videos are GREAT! I'm amazed at your turn around time on this. Thank you so much!!
-Jessica Brown, Event Organizer, Expo for Independent Arts 2009

"I really appreciate all of  your efforts on behalf of Visual Aid and your support of many others in the community."
-Julie Blankenship, nonprofit Director

"George Aguilar’s Second Life pursuits, challenge our precepts of how films may be created in the future." -Glendale Daily Planet

"George Aguilar’s DIARY OF NICLAS GHEILER was one of the best films of 2008" -Berkeley Daily Planet

"You have provided many struggling artists a magnificent service and opportunity for art, that would otherwise have gone relatively unnoticed." -Rebecca Woolis, Berkeley Creative Living Center

"I have been browsing your movies and am enjoying them. I am very impressed." -Henry Lowood, Curator of History of Science & Technology, Stanford.

Agitated Beauty is so gorgeous that I never tire of watching it. Really stunning. Did I tell you I screened this at the Pompidou? Very well received. The French really dug your piece.
-Nora Barry, CEO The Bit Screen

An "Uncommon Ghost" is a Dreamworks quality work. -Eveo.com

"George, I will always be grateful to you for your wisdom, talent and kindness.." -Helen Greico, former Pres. N.O.W., CEO SheInstitute.

"The EIGHTH annual Expo for the Artist & Musician went off in grand style in Sept. 15 at SomArts. Thanks to George Aguilar of SomArts Media for making this great video of the event.." -Expo for the Artist and Musician
About Warriors of Aliventess
"Wow, this is amazing work, the detail is so rich. You have such a talent for writing script and storyboarding. I'm going to integrate this somewhere in my teaching."
-Lisa Dawley, Ph.D., Professor & Chair, Dept. of Educational Technology,Boise State University, Chair, ARVEL SIG, Co-Chair, Mobile Learning SIG

"Wow!!! Such an incredible range—of stunning images, of imaginative perspectives, of very serious drama and offbeat humor." -Adam Shames, CEO, The Kreativity Network: www.kreativity.net, Helping organizations build cultures of innovation and collaboration

I showed 'Warriors" to a number of students in my office and they were stunned by it:"
Martina Pfeiler, Ph.D., University of Dortmund, Germany--American Studies Department

"Beautifully done Cecil" -Jay Jay Jegathesan, School Manager, UWA Festval Producer, School of Physics, The University of Western Australia

"The imagination and the professionalism shows. Good to see the return of the diagetic.
-Sally Caves , Professor of English, University of Rochester

"To My Beloved" is an outstanding machinima. All aspects (light, camera angles, costumes, story, etc) worked together to create a piece of art. -Pia Klaar,Teacher Aug. 17,2009, Machinima Award 2009

"Dear Mr. Aguilar,
Thank you for the lovely Jack Davis tribute. I had been a fan of his since the early SCR days but lost track of him. I was in San Francisco doing 'Phantom' back in the 90s and I was over at SOMA several times, not realizing that Jack was there. Thanks again...wonderful work
-Richard Gould, Actor

Press/Testimonials 1994-2007

  •  VideoMaker Magazine,  Profile: "George Aguilar and VideoPoetry"  1994
  • ICOM Film and Video Postproduction Magazine, “Streaming Cinema” May 2000
  • San Francisco Examiner, "CELEBRATION OF THE WORD” September 2000
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  • Seattle Weekly, “Bumbershoot:FutureForWord”, Sept. 2003
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    Santa Barbara Independent, Cin(E)-Poetry Nov. 2007
  • KPFA FM, Interview about "A Mere Extension…" on FULL CIRCLE., Oct. 17, 2003
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  • Poetry Films and Film Poems, Essay, Prof. William C. Wees 2000
  • Techno-Poetry and Virtual Realities, Essay, Sometti, Mantova 2002
  • Moving text in avant-garde poetry: Towards a poetics of textual motion, Teemu Ikonen
  • History of Art on The Web, “Under the Happiest Dawn”, Prof. Jan Arabas, Middlesex Community College


George, The panel found your work to be of significant value and merit. -Richard Long, President, 49th Annual Columbus International Film and Video Festival

Just a note to let you know that the show last night went very well. Your three cin(e)-poems were last and received rave reviews. "Blackbirds" is very, very beautiful! Thank you for honoring my words in such a sensitive way! I will treasure these Cin(E)-Poems. Such beautiful, beautiful works of art!
-David Bengtson,poet, writer and educator

Agitated Beauty is so gorgeous that I never tire of watching it. Really stunning. Did I tell you I screened this at the Pompidou? Very well received. The French really dug your piece.
-Nora Barry, CEO The Bit Screen

An "Uncommon Ghost" is a Dreamworks quality work. -Eveo.com

Hi! Tuesday night I saw several poetry films here in Seattle. I was absolutely awe-struck. I've been a writer of  poetry for about 7 years, have never been a fan of the "slam" or other alternative poetic media, and was skeptical of this. However, after Tuesday I'm very excited about this genre and  I commend the innovation of the project, as well as your efforts and the efforts of others to expand Cin(e)-Poetry's audience!
-Shari Schneider,Seattle, WA

I'm amazed at what you've done to promote literary awareness.  Poetry is so subtle and delicate in its impact on the soul that the loud noises of our society can overwhelm its delicate appeal. It's nice to know that those aware of poetry's power to inspire are actively promoting its appreciation.
-Arthur J. Montana, Jr.

Dear George, It was wonderful meeting you and seeing your examples of Cin(e)poems... for your presentation at Intermedia Arts... it was clear that those who were in attendance enjoyed it. And my students at Hamline University were excited by this art form they'd never seen before.
-Carolyn Holbrook, Educator, Minn., MN

Hello,I first heard of the cin(E)- poetry website when I was taking a computer skills class for high school teachers at Loyola Marymount University. Our instructor had an article on a video poetry project that teachers could do with their students and the website was listed in the article. I have since tried the project with my English students and they loved it! I wanted to purchase the DVD so I could show them some professional examples. I am hoping that the DVD will inspire them even more to become interested in poetry.Thanks,

Dear George: Very nice to hear from you and saw you films on your site and was very impressed by " Frozen, Blistered Hand". I was wondering if this film is available and do you have other short films not posted on the web I maybe able to look over.

-Ram Devineni Rattapallax

Thanks for sharing your work Your pieces are beautiful-great work! We love your work and would like to include it on our site!
-Sara -Lingual.neT

Hello George- A little over a year ago you came to Intermedia Arts in Minneapolis, MN and gave a presentation to a small crowd of interested individuals, myself included. I loved your work, and shortly thereafter, I purchased equipment and began making my own poetry-based films. Thank you for your time, again. -Robert S. Jersak

I am currently an MA student at the University of Sheffield. I found your website and am interested in your catalog of film-poems and cinepoems.Right now i am finishing up a dissertation on film-poems.Any resources you can let me know about would of course be helpful. I am planning on continuing my research with film and poetry towards an MPhil/PhD.
-Rob Speranza,Sheffield, England

Hello, my name is Rick and I am a Video/Digital student Artist.  I'm currently attending Cal. State University Northridge involved in theVideo/Film Art program.  I am working towards an BA degree.  I would like more information or access to your catalog of art works.  I'm new to this program and would like to see some works to help me give a sense of direction in my own pieces.
-Rick Tuazon,Cal State Northridge

Hi George Thank you so much for your letter of support and the amazing collection of your CinePoetry. Sometimes I think that a multimedia approach( computer art, photography, combined with live action) is the best way to go when expressing modern poetry..At any rate , it really works in your pieces.Choosing the appropriate visual style is, I think, as important as the selection of images.Bravo! You have mastered the technology and that allows you the flexibility to make the right choices.( I particularly liked Portrait on Watercolour , The Goddess of Technology and Blackbirds.) I am proud that you have endorsed my work even more so after viewing this tape. All the best, -Elizabeth Lewis

Hi George,
My name is Elaine and I am a student teacher for 7th grade language arts.  The unit I am teaching is poetry.  I had wanted to integrate technology into my unit so I started doing research and discovered videopoetry.  Through my research, I ran across the National Poetry website and clicked your link and discovered this amazing resource, Thank you!

To finish up, I have used your site as a demo site to show my 7th grade students to get inspiration.  The students are very video and computer savvy and thus I hope that skill translates into some good projects.  We are just in the beginning stages of the videopoem but my goal is it will enhance their poetry learning far more than just reading and writing poetry. 
So thank you for the work you are doing. 

I'm teaching a class on some of your Cin(E-)poems on Tuesday at 2 pm and a student of mine, Julian, just contacted me if I had the written version of "An Uncommon Ghost" to be able to follow what Yorik is saying. In case you have time, could please send me the text so I can share it with the students? Thanks!
University of Dortmund, Germany

Dear Mr. Aguilar,
I enjoyed looking at your video archive. I am a PhD graduate student in Educational Psychology at Texas A&M University. My specialization is in technology and learning theory. I am interested in the connection between cognitive development, self-efficacy, and the use of technology. I have used technology with poetry in a high school classroom, but in a different form. 

Dear George, Thank you...again and again...for the wonderful and generous work you did here with my students and me. I will remember your visit as one of the highlights of my teaching career ...and of my life, for that matter. You have left a lasting impression on many, many people. We are all very grateful.
-David Bengtson, Teacher, Long Prairie, MN

Dear George, On behalf of the students and faculty at Hamline University, I want to thank you for making our Introduction to Poetry and Creative Writing classes stops on your Mother Earth Cin(E)-Poetry Tour 2001. Without question, your presentations made an impact. Many students later commented to me about what they had seen and learned in both classes. The poems you shared and the words you said opened doors for them that they may not even know existed. And while some students may have known that "video poetry" was around, they were not aware of how much had been done and what could be done with the form. You provided both a helpful history of the genre and the means for students to appreciate the art of the Cin(E)-poem. Besides the immediate effect of showing students ways to experience poetry beyond reading and attending readings, I suspect that a couple of the students who saw your work will be inspired to pick up cameras themselves. Thanks again, George, for sharing your extensive Cin(E)-poetry collection, your excellent Cin(E)-poems, and your remarkable expertise. We are thankful to have been part of the world tour. Best wishes as the tour continues.
-Mark Olson , Assistant Professor

Dear George, 

I was just in Vancouver for the Associated Writers Program conference, and there were a couple of panels on poetry and film.  I found that a number of people are interested in the concept of poetry videos and I do believe you'll be seeing a growing number of them

-Mark Saba
Manager of Graphics & Photography
MedMedia Group / ITS-Med
Yale University

Hello! I'm  Brazilian videoartist and photographer, and I'm very  interested in your Cin(E)-Poems. What are the materials available?What about prices, etc? Thanks in advance!
-Celia Freitas,Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

Please send me info on how to acquire cine-poems from your catalog archive for broadcast. We are a public cable station in Athens Ohio and are definetly interested in airing some of this.Thanks!
-Phil Michael,Athens, Ohio

I found your videos very moving and expressive.
Martha Green

Online Mentions1994-2003
(Some links may no longer exist) George@Aguilar.com