The Revolutionary Approach to Experiencing and Teaching Poetry
Through the viewing and creating of Cin(E)-Poems teachers can support their students’ awareness of how combining media impacts the viewer.  In turn this heightened awareness can help students to become savvy multimedia communicators and critical consumers of visual texts. 
–Barry Sponder and Catherine Kurkjian, Central Connecticut State University

Analyzing and interpreting poetry through cinema can be a powerful vehicle for honing visual literacy skills.  Cin(E)-Poetry is a fun and revolutionary approach to understanding and creating poetry that utilizes students' interest in computers, animation and movies.

Cin(E)-Poetry is an artform which combines images, sounds, music with a spoken or text-based poem to create a unique multi-media work of art. As new digital technologies come into play this artform can be effective with both advanced computer students and with students who have had very little experience with computers and editing software.

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