Friday, Feb. 16 Awoke this morning to one of the worst snow storms to hit Seattle in 6 years. Downtown was covered in snow as was most of the Puget Sound area. There were reports of power outages, school and business closures. Amid this excitement, I drove up to Vancouver, which is about 100 miles away.Driving on I5 watching the light snow falling on the trees and farm land was very interesting. Soon, I arrived at Jennifer's house and she welcomed me into her home and we decide to head out into the main part of Vancouver to have dinner. We ate at a very nice place, had a few martinis and headed back to her place since she was feeling tired from the long work week. She's usually up at 4:30am each day to get to work at the hospital. We were back at her place by 11pm and, just as my head was about to hit the pillow, I heard her cry for help. I jumped up and headed downstairs to find that her water main had broken and water was flooding her laundry basement. For the next hour, we were frantically bailing out water trying to keep it from getting into the carpet in the adjacent room. It turns out there isn't an easy way to turn the water off to the house! Finally, the public works guy turned off the water, the plumber fixed the broken pipe (due to bad original construction) and the carpet renovators dried things out and replaced the dry wall. All in all, it could have been worse and the insurance will cover the costs. Poor Jennifer never did get any sleep that night.

Saturday, Feb. 17 Got up late then went out with Jennifer for breakfast at 1:30pm! We then went out and shot footage for a cinepoem she wanted to show to funders. We captured very nice footage at the train tracks and at water's edge in Whiterock, B.C. Later I showed her how to import and edit these clips on the computer. By the end of the night, she was getting the hang of digital editing and she put together a 3.5 minute rough cut complete with music and a voiceover track.

Sunday, Feb. 18 Said my goodbyes to Jennifer McLennan who was an absolute wonderful host. She made me feel very welcome despite the water main break on Friday night. It threw her off the entire weekend but she still indulged my desire to shoot footage for a cinepoem. I barely made my flight out of Seattle due to traffic. It was fun racing down I5 out of B.C to the airport. This time the weather seemed almost like summer and Mt. Baker was spectacular in the dusky sunlight. Too bad I was in a hurry to make my flight otherwise I would've stopped to take a few pictures. Made the plane with 20 minutes to spare. We were just about to takeoff when someone apparently had a heart attack onboard and we had to return. We eventually got into the air and landed in Vegas late after much, much turbulence. TURBULENCE is a perfect word for that which enters into your mind when you're flying through difficult conditions.

Tuesday, Feb. 20 There is just no end to the "adult" fun a person can have in Vegas. You can stroll down the faux New York streets or walk down through the faux Paris or faux Italy. The shows here are pretty elaborate and fun to watch. I did enjoy the Tournament of Kings particularly eating a meal without utensils (just like in the old days they say but it's a very clever way to cut back on costs I say!!). Time flies fast in Vegas and you never know what time it is until you feel your body start to shutdown. I've been out every night past 3am. The fundraising trip has been going well thus far. I have one more evening of dining, gambling and show-watching before I move onto the Grand Canyon for a few days. After that, I'll stop in New Mexico and Arizona. It seems it's cold and rainy in most other places in the U.S. so I'm going to travel through the southwest for the next few weeks.

Wednesday, Feb. 21 Today is Matt's birthday. Happy Birthday, Dude! What can you say to someone you've know since you were a child? Today, the weather was nice in LV. I walked around and gambled. Gambling is fun whether you win or lose because it provides a rush. It can make you FEEL something from time to time. Yes, Las Vegas is the ultimate man-made town. I very much liked the water show at the Bellagio (Pavarotti and blasts of water are just so ROMANTIC!) However, I was reluctant to post alot of pictures from LV because it promotes SOMECOMPANY that only cares about making money. LV is an incredible tribute to capitalism. Everything you see is designed to please human beings. There is nothing natural here. It is all designed to please people. I think, after the world ends, LV will be looked upon like ancient Egypt and Rome is perceived to us now.

Anyway, tomorrow is my 35th birthday. Wish me luck...