I have found that television and cable are not the best conveyors of these works due to limitation in the number of showings and its inherent commercial nature. These works are designed to be viewed many times without commercial interruption and absent of interactive tools. As in a museum, viewers can either see some of it, all of it, or leave and return to watch it again as it will play continuously.

The Internet is still too young to present these works in full screen with the clarity of visuals and sound contained therein.

Presenting cinepoems in this way enables me to control the environment in which the piece is shown. Hanging the work like a painting favors cinepoems because it takes advantage of the viewers built in concept of museum art as being 'artistic' rather than 'entertainment'. This should put the viewer in the proper frame of mind when viewing.

The material elements include a flat screen monitor and DVD player attached to a traditional painter's frame. Using lightweight material allows the frame to be hung on a wall and plugged into an outlet. DVD allows different multimedia art pieces to be looped continuously at the highest quality possible.

This concept grew from my desire to present the ideas and concepts in cinematic electronic poems to viewers in the best way possible.

is an installation by award-winning digital artist George Aguilar and combines an array of video, animation, sound and computer techniques, to reinterpret, rethink and remake the experience of viewing poetry.

20 different digital poems are contained on one DVD to demonstrate the wide array of multimedia treatments in cinematic(electronic)-poetry. Each piece takes a different approach to integrating words, image and sound to create a unique work of art. To view movies, visit here

CINEPOEMS ON DIGITAL CANVAS was conceived of and created entirely by Mr. Aguilar as an installation piece.  All images, video and sound are designed by him using his laptop and digital camera. For more information about sales and workshops, call 415-267-4887 or email George@Aguilar.com